Hi, I’m Kate Bowman, wife, mom, photographer, aspiring minimalist, Primal eating and clean living obsessed! I am a Knoxville, Tennessee girl who moved to Nashville in 2000 to pursue the dream of being a singer/songwriter. After 14 years in Music City, writing with amazing songwriters, making lifelong friends, and starting a photography business I met a handsome Army Green Beret who quickly swept me off my feet! When he got a new assignment that would take him out of Tennessee we got married and he took me with him!

I discovered my passion for Primal eating during our first month as newlyweds, in our new home in Savannah Georgia! At the time I was trying to figure out why I was always tired. Like crazy tired. I would get up at 7:30 or 8am (which after having 2 kids I now realize was sleeping in!) and I literally felt like I needed a nap by 9am! I read everything I could get my hands on that might explain this lack of energy. After reading ‘Wheat Belly’ by Dr. William Davis MY EYES WERE OPENED! Then I read the ‘Primal BluePrint’ by Mark Sisson and it all just clicked. I immediately changed our eating habits, expanded our understanding of food and nutrition, and created an entirely new approach to grocery shopping! I dove head first into the Primal and Paleo lifestyle. It took a few weeks but my energy came back like never before.

However, our journey toward the PRIMAL EATING lifestyle did not happen overnight. We had many ups and downs, mostly because I didn’t fully understand THE IMPORTANT SCIENCE BEHIND THE PRIMAL EATING STYLE! We are still learning new things everyday. I LOVE reading books, articles, and blogs about nutrition and I am passionate (my friends and family might call me obsessed) about sharing what I have learned about Primal Eating and how it positively impacts our health. I TRULY LOVE THE SCIENCE BEHIND IT and I believe that Primal Eating is exactly how our bodies were designed to thrive!

Five months after getting married I was pregnant and I quickly took my passion for Primal Eating and applied it to clean products for my new baby. WOW! My eyes were opened once again. I am now a relentless label reader on both food products and any other product we use in our home from cleaning supplies, to makeup, to shampoo, diapers, and beyond!

I subscribe to the idea that LESS IS MORE, less junk in our food, less toxic chemicals in our home, and less clutter in our lives. Simply, a deliberate focus on the essential and healthy aspects of life, a more simple design for your lifestyle, and elimination of all the rest. I call it Living Essential and the rewards are amazing! I have shared this Living Essential lifestyle with my friends and family for the past 6 years so I thought, why not share it with you now! My husband has since retired from the military, we have two little girls, and we are back in Tennessee. I am enjoying photography again and sharing my passion for Primal Eating and Clean Living with anyone who will listen! I am so excited that you are here and eager to learn with us!!