Red Pepper Sandwich


Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Well, let me just tell you that since we have given up bread our sandwiches have just gotten better!

I LOVE A TURKEY SANDWICH! I love them so much that I used to frequent a bagel shop several times a week just to get a turkey sandwich on an everything bagel. I always added red peppers to the sandwich, because RED PEPPERS ARE AWESOME! NOW I MAKE MY TURKEY SANDWICH ON A RED PEPPER.

It’s so easy! Almost too easy to even be a blog post!

It’s pretty self explanatory. Cut open the pepper and load it up the same way you would sandwich bread. The good thing about the pepper is that it acts as a bowl and can hold a lot more yummy stuff than even bread can.

On this particular sandwich is…

Turkey, lettuce, sprouts ( I could eat sprouts on just about everything), tomato, onion, mayo(I use Primal Kitchen Mayo because they don’t use vegetable oils), spicy mustard, swiss cheese, and of course almost an entire red pepper. You will never want bread again after eating your sandwich this way!

image1 copy.jpeg
image1 copy 2.jpeg
image2 copy.jpeg

Not to mention that a red pepper has almost three times more vitamin C than an orange! yay!

Of course any kind of sandwich you love will work this way, it doesn’t have to be turkey. I am particular to red peppers because of how sweet they are, but if you prefer less sweetness on your sandwich use a green pepper! You can also use an orange or yellow pepper. It’s your dang sandwich, built it your way!

I hope you enjoy!

Love, Kate

Kate Bowman