Keto Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream


It’s summer time! The lightening bugs are out. The 4th of July is right around the corner, and that means HOMEMADE ICE CREAM!! I remember my mom making ice cream all the time when I was growing up. The sound of the ice cream churning was almost more than we could handle! She would shout, “stay in or out,” as we would run through the door, check the status of the ice cream and then back out into the yard squealing with excitement. When we were very young my mom used a hand cranked ice cream maker. All the adults would take a turn cranking the cream. Finally she went high tech and got an electric ice cream maker! There is something so nostalgic about making ice cream. Even today with the first taste I can faintly smell fresh cut grass beneath the sprinkler, and I can almost hear my aunt’s voice and my grandmother’s laugh through the screen door as they hung out with my mom in the kitchen. Wouldn’t it be nice to go back for just a minute, to a time when our only care in the world was, “when would the ice cream be ready?”

Vanilla has always been my favorite ice cream, but when we would pick up fresh South Carolina peaches from Abbott’s farm on the way home from the beach Mom would make the MOST AMAZING PEACH ICE CREAM! Feel free to take this recipe and toss in some peaches or strawberries or anything else you want(remember when adding fruit to first blend the fruit in a blender before adding to your mixture), but this is a great traditional old fashioned vanilla!

Keep in mind there are a lot of fancy ice cream makers out there, but I prefer the Nostalgia electric wood bucket ice cream maker because it looks like the ice cream maker I grew up with! This ice cream maker makes the experience so much fun for the kids! Not to mention it’s cheaper and just as good as any of the sleek expensive ones!


It’ so easy, this is all you need!

6 Cups Heavy Cream

4 Cups Whole Milk ( you could use all 10 cups cream and no milk if you want to keep those extra carbs out)

5 Beaten Eggs

1 1/2 Tablespoons Vanilla

1 3/4 Cup Monk Fruit Sweetener(you could go up to 2 cups monk fruit sweetener, but I find that a bit too sweet.)

Rock Salt



Mix the ingredients together and pour them into the silver ice cream canister. About 2/3 of the way full. Leave room for the ice cream to expand as it freezes.


Follow the instructions on the ice cream maker! Yep! It’s that easy! Fill up the canister, put in the dasher that stirs the ice cream, put the lid on it.

Around the canister layer ice and rock salt all the way to the top. A layer of ice, a thin layer of rock salt, and so on until its full. Plug in the ice cream maker and it will start churning! Keep filling the bucket with a layer of salt and ice as it melts down. The machine will turn off when the ice cream is done! Dip it out a serve! Have some freezer safe containers ready to freeze the ice cream if you don’t eat right away!


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I could not find my ice cream dishes from Williams Sonoma so I added a couple of others that I found on amazon! I am seriously thinking I need the blue ones in addition to my clear glass dishes I already have!