Primal Eating

Primal is a term used by Author, blogger, and athlete Mark Sisson in his amazing book, The Primal Blueprint. The blueprint is a roadmap to the healthiest, most authentic way of eating that maximizes optimal gene expression. Basically, it’s how humans were originally designed to eat and live. Our bodies are built to thrive on healthy fats and whole foods. Processed foods, sugar, and man-made fats such as vegetable oils, have been making people sick for decades. These manufactured ‘foods’ were not designed for nutrition, but for shelf-life, addictive properties, and most notably low-cost; all driving factors for profitability and success in a hyper-industrialized food industry. This modern day American standard diet is not doing us any health favors, in fact it is a frequent contributor to increased health risk. It is a diet high in carbohydrates and low in fat. We have been taught to see fat as the enemy, to be avoided at all cost. It’s no wonder heart disease, diabetes, and obesity have risen to extraordinary heights since the low-fat high-carb diet has been introduced. This is NOT HOW OUR ANCESTORS ATE! You don’t even need to go back to Primal or “Paleo” ancestors, all you need to do is look at our ancestors a few generations before the industrial revolution to understand healthy eating and healthy food, an age before the proliferation of highly processed foods, additive sugar, and vegetable oils.


Eat Lots of Veggies

THIS SHOULD BE THE LARGE BOTTOM BASE OF YOUR NEW FOOD PYRAMID!Eats lots of fresh vegetables rich in antioxidants. Eat lots of fresh raw veggies. Try to eat organic, and steer away from canned or frozen vegetables as these become nutrient depleted during processing. There are a lot of nasty things found in our food these days and so at least trying to eat organic and fresh is better. If you can’t always buy organic don’t worry, still eat the veggies.


Ditch the Grains & Sugar

There is no need for grains. Yep, you read that right, NO NEED FOR GRAINS…AT ALL! DITCH THE BREAD. Grains may not give you an immediate spike of insulin the same way sugar does but your body metabolizes it the exact same way. Grains, including those blithely labeled “Healthy Whole Grain” causes your liver to produce a slow insulin drip. Over time your body may become insulin resistant, exposing you to a variety of illnesses and a life of maintenance medications. There are no vitamins and minerals in bread that you can’t get by eating other nutrient rich foods high in antioxidants. Most nutrients found in bread are added during the manufacturing process and labeled “enriched.” You don’t need to subject yourself to the dangers of bread and grains when you can get the same and more nutrients naturally from veggies!

DITCH THE REFINED SUGAR. A good place to start is by cutting out the sugary drinks, soda, juice, sweet tea (sorry, I’m from Tennessee and I realize we all love our sweet tea but it’s literally killing you), sports drinks and so on. Fat is not making our society fat, sugar is and we all eat way more sugar than we realize.


Eat Healthy Meat & Fats

HEATHY MEATS AND FATS Try to stick to locally produced meat, poultry, and eggs. Pasture raised, grass fed, and free-roaming locally raised animals are optimal. Beyond local farms and ranches, try to find organically raised animals. These days it’s not too hard to find. Walmart is even on-board and sells most everything you need from organic suppliers. Most big-name, high volume, commercial meat manufacturers or non-pasture raised animals are far inferior. Sadly animals and meat products from these big-name processors are usually full of hormones, pesticides (from the animal feed), antibiotics (to keep animals alive in extremely cramped, unsanitary conditions), and other nasty, scary things. Most animals raised in mass production facilities are malnourished and offer far less nutrients, or the animals have been purposefully mutated for a higher meat yield, FRANKENSTEIN! The processing of fish, fish products, and some “farm-raised” fish are equally depleted and compromised.

Simply eat fresh, naturally raised meat and poultry, and plenty of healthy fats. This includes healthy animal fats (marbled steaks), seeds, seed butters, avocados, avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil and full fat dairy products. NEVER, EVER, CONSUME VEGETABLE OILS!